Grapevine Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

Browser extension to summarize any website.

Grapevine logo

Displays ChatGPT summaries of YouTube videos and Google search results

Supports most websites, just click on the Grapevine icon on the right of any website

Ask ChatGPT questions about the video, search results, or website

Grapevine Pricing

Grapevine is a Chrome browser extension that harnesses the power of the ChatGPT AI model to provide users with quick summaries of various types of web content, including YouTube videos, Google search results, and other online materials. Additionally, users have the ability to pose questions about the specific website they are visiting. The extension is available for free installation, but it requires a connection to an OpenAI ChatGPT account, which users can create for free.

Free Installation

One of the key highlights of Grapevine is that it is offered as a free Chrome browser extension. Users can easily add the extension to their browser without incurring any upfront costs. This makes it accessible to a wide range of users who are interested in leveraging AI-powered tools for content summarization and information retrieval.

OpenAI ChatGPT Account

While the extension itself is free to install, it is important to note that Grapevine connects directly to the user's OpenAI ChatGPT account. This means that in order to fully utilize the capabilities of Grapevine, users are required to have a free OpenAI ChatGPT account. Creating an account with OpenAI ChatGPT is a straightforward process and does not involve any direct costs.

Accessibility and Affordability

By offering the Grapevine extension for free installation and requiring only a free OpenAI ChatGPT account for connectivity, the tool aims to be accessible and affordable for a wide range of users. This approach aligns with the goal of making AI-powered content summarization and information retrieval capabilities available to a broad audience.

In summary, Grapevine is a free Chrome browser extension that leverages the ChatGPT AI model to provide users with quick summaries of web content and the ability to ask questions about specific websites. While the extension itself is free to install, users need to have a free OpenAI ChatGPT account to connect to Grapevine. This pricing structure aims to make the tool accessible and affordable for users interested in utilizing AI-powered capabilities for content analysis and information retrieval.

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