Glass Health Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

Assist doctors in making diagnoses and clinical decisions.

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Generate differential diagnoses and clinical plans

Access a community library of shared medical knowledge

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Glass Health Pricing

Glass Health is an AI-powered clinical decision support tool designed to assist medical professionals in drafting differential diagnoses and considering clinical plan options. The tool is tailored for use by clinicians or clinicians-in-training and is not intended for general public use for medical diagnosis or other purposes.

Pricing Details

Glass Health is a paid tool, and the pricing information is not readily available to the public. Potential users are encouraged to reach out to the Glass Health team directly to inquire about pricing and any available subscription options. This approach allows for a personalized discussion regarding the specific needs and requirements of the potential user, ensuring that the pricing structure aligns with the intended usage and scale of the tool within their clinical setting.

Accessing the Tool

Medical schools, residency programs, departments, and hospitals interested in providing access to Glass Health for their doctors or trainees can join the waitlist for access to the tool. By filling out a contact form on the Glass Health website, these institutions can express their interest in integrating Glass Health into their clinical workflows and educational programs.

Community Knowledge

In addition to its core functionality, Glass Health offers users the opportunity to join a community of peers within the healthcare industry. This community provides access to a library of shared knowledge, allowing users to tap into the collective expertise and insights of their fellow medical professionals.


Glass Health's approach to pricing and access underscores its focus on tailoring the tool to the specific needs of medical professionals and institutions. By engaging directly with potential users and institutions, Glass Health aims to ensure that its pricing and usage align with the unique requirements of each clinical setting.

For more information on pricing and access to Glass Health, interested parties are encouraged to visit the Glass Health website and fill out the contact form to initiate a discussion with the Glass Health team.

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