GetFloorPlan Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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GetFloorPlan Pricing

GetFloorPlan is an AI-powered tool that offers a range of features to real estate professionals, allowing them to generate 2D basic floor plans, 3D full-color plans, and 360° virtual tours. With its user-friendly interface and diverse set of property visuals, GetFloorPlan aims to assist real estate professionals in exploring interior design styles and boosting sales. Here, we will delve into the pricing details of GetFloorPlan, outlining the available plans and highlighting the absence of a free trial option.

Available Pricing Plans

GetFloorPlan offers three distinct pricing plans: Basic, Plus, and Pro. Each plan includes a different set of features, catering to the varying needs and preferences of real estate professionals. Let's take a closer look at what each plan entails:

Basic Set - $20

The Basic set, priced at $20, provides users with essential features to enhance their property listings. This plan includes a 2D floor plan and a 3D floor plan, allowing real estate professionals to present familiar floor plans to potential buyers. By offering these visual aids, the Basic set enables users to provide a clear representation of the property's layout and dimensions.

Plus Set - $35

For those seeking a more comprehensive package, the Plus set, priced at $35, offers additional features on top of what the Basic set provides. In addition to the 2D and 3D floor plans, the Plus set includes a virtual tour of the property. This virtual tour allows potential buyers to explore the property from the comfort of their own homes, providing a complete view of the space. By immersing viewers in a 360° virtual tour, real estate professionals can offer a more interactive and engaging experience.

Pro Set - $45

The Pro set, priced at $45, is the most extensive plan offered by GetFloorPlan. Building upon the features of the Plus set, the Pro set includes branding options. With this plan, users can add their company logo to the virtual tour, allowing them to stand out and reinforce their brand identity. By incorporating branding elements, real estate professionals can create a more personalized and professional experience for potential buyers.

Lack of Free Trial

While GetFloorPlan offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs, it is important to note that the tool does not provide a free trial option. This means that users will need to commit to a specific plan without the opportunity to test the tool's capabilities beforehand. While this may be a drawback for some, it is worth considering the extensive features and benefits that GetFloorPlan offers within its pricing plans.


GetFloorPlan provides real estate professionals with a range of pricing plans to choose from, catering to their specific requirements. The Basic set offers essential features such as 2D and 3D floor plans, while the Plus set expands upon this with the addition of a virtual tour. The Pro set takes it a step further by incorporating branding options, allowing users to add their company logo to the virtual tour. However, it is important to note that GetFloorPlan does not offer a free trial, requiring users to make a commitment without the opportunity to test the tool beforehand. By considering the pricing plans and their respective features, real estate professionals can make an informed decision on how GetFloorPlan can best meet their needs.

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