Formula Bot Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Formula Bot Pricing

Formula Bot is an AI assistant designed to enhance the productivity of data analysts and other users working with spreadsheets. The tool offers a range of features including formula generation, data preparation, and data analysis. Let's dive into the pricing details of Formula Bot and outline the available plans.

Free Plan

Formula Bot offers a Free Plan that is available to all users indefinitely. This plan provides access to 100% of the tool's features without any cost. Users on the Free Plan can generate up to 5 formulas per month and send up to 10 Data Analyzer messages per month. Additionally, they can utilize up to 20 AI Data Automations in Spreadsheets using the Excel & Google Sheets add-ons.

The Free Plan is an excellent option for users who have occasional spreadsheet needs or want to explore the capabilities of Formula Bot without committing to a paid plan. It allows users to experience the core functionalities of the tool without any financial investment.

Pro Plan

For users who require more extensive usage and advanced features, Formula Bot offers a Pro Plan. This plan is priced at $9 per month with monthly billing or $6.33 per month with yearly billing, providing a 30% discount for annual subscribers.

The Pro Plan offers unlimited formula generations, allowing users to generate as many formulas as they need without any limitations. It also provides unlimited usage of the Data Analyzer feature, enabling users to perform data analysis efficiently. Moreover, users on the Pro Plan can leverage up to 10,000 AI Data Automations in Spreadsheets using the Excel & Google Sheets add-ons per month.

The Pro Plan is tailored for users who heavily rely on spreadsheets and require frequent formula generation and data analysis. It offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance productivity and streamline workflows.

Non-profit Organizations

Formula Bot also extends its support to non-profit organizations by offering free unlimited access. Non-profit organizations can apply for this program to gain unrestricted usage of Formula Bot without any cost. This initiative demonstrates Formula Bot's commitment to giving back to the community and supporting organizations that make a positive impact.


Formula Bot provides a range of pricing options to cater to the diverse needs of its users. The Free Plan offers a no-cost option for users to experience the tool's capabilities, while the Pro Plan provides unlimited access to advanced features for a monthly or yearly fee. Additionally, non-profit organizations can benefit from free unlimited access to Formula Bot. Whether you are an occasional spreadsheet user or a data analyst requiring extensive functionality, Formula Bot's pricing plans offer flexibility and value for different user requirements.

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