Finito Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Finito Pricing

Finito is an application that offers users the ability to leverage the powerful ChatGPT AI text generation model within their other applications. It is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Finito is free to download and provides a free trial for users to experience its capabilities before making a purchase.

The demo version of Finito allows users to utilize approximately 4,000 words in total. Once this limit is reached, the application will prompt users to upgrade to the full version in order to continue using it. It is important to note that the demo version is a limited trial and will cease to function once the word limit is exhausted.

For users who require more extensive usage, the paid version of Finito is available. With the paid version, users can access approximately 40,000 words per month, which translates to a generous allowance of 480,000 words per year. It is worth mentioning that the word limit is applied on a monthly basis. Once all available words for the month have been used up, Finito will cease to function until the start of the next month.

To continue using Finito beyond the word limit, users can purchase the full version for $49.90 per year. This annual subscription provides users with uninterrupted access to the application, allowing them to make the most of its AI text generation capabilities throughout the year.

In summary, Finito offers a free demo trial that allows users to experience its features with a limit of approximately 4,000 words. For users with higher usage requirements, the paid version of Finito provides a monthly word limit of approximately 40,000 words, totaling 480,000 words per year. The full version of Finito can be purchased for $49.90 per year, ensuring uninterrupted access to the application beyond the word limit.

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