Fadr Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Fadr Pricing

Fadr is an AI-driven platform designed to enhance the music creation process by allowing users to create and share remixes. It provides advanced features such as song separation into various components, BPM, key, and chord progression identification, midi extraction, and more. Fadr caters to both casual users and professionals with its two-tiered pricing structure: Fadr Basic and Fadr Plus.

Fadr Basic - Free

Fadr Basic is the entry-level plan that is free for life. It is aimed at users who wish to upgrade their music workflow with access to Fadr's remix technology without any financial commitment. Here are the features included in the Fadr Basic plan:

  • Separate Songs Into: Vocals, Bass, Melodies, Drums
  • Download Format: High-quality MP3
  • Remix Maker: Allows users to create remixes using the separated stems.
  • Basic Stems: Provides the basic stems for remixing.
  • Midi Detection: Identifies and extracts midi data from songs.

This plan is suitable for hobbyists or those who are just getting started with music remixing and want to explore the capabilities of Fadr without any cost.

Fadr Plus - $10/month or $100/year

Fadr Plus is the premium subscription offering of the platform, designed for users who require professional-grade features and higher quality outputs. Subscribers to Fadr Plus gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools that go beyond the basics. The features of Fadr Plus include:

  • Separate Songs Into: Vocals, Bass, Melodies, Drums, and additional components such as Kick, Snare, Hihat, Piano, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Strings, Wind, Other Melodies
  • SynthGPT: An advanced feature for further music creation and manipulation.
  • Individual Drum Stems: Allows for separation of individual drum components.
  • Individual Melody Stems: Separates individual melody lines for more detailed remixing.
  • Download Format: Lossless WAV for higher audio quality.
  • Remix Maker: Enhanced version for creating professional remixes.
  • Pro Stems: Higher quality stems for professional use.
  • Midi Detection: Advanced midi extraction features.
  • Fadr Stems Plugin: A plugin for integration with other music software.
  • API Access: Allows for integration with other applications and services.
  • Individual Remix Tracks: More control over the remixing process.
  • Unlimited Storage: No limits on the number of files you can store.
  • Concurrent Stems: Ability to process multiple stems simultaneously.

The Fadr Plus plan is tailored for serious musicians, producers, and DJs who require the full range of features and the highest quality audio files for their projects.

Payment and Satisfaction Guarantee

Fadr accepts all major credit cards and PayPal for payment. They offer a satisfaction guarantee for Fadr Plus subscribers. If a user is not completely satisfied with the Fadr Plus service, they can receive a refund for their most recent payment, with no questions asked. This policy allows users to try the premium features risk-free.

Subscription Management

Managing the subscription is straightforward. Users can cancel their Fadr Plus subscription at any time through their account page, ensuring that they are not locked into a long-term commitment if their needs change.

In summary, Fadr provides flexible pricing options to accommodate a wide range of users, from those just dabbling in music remixing to seasoned professionals seeking advanced features. The free Fadr Basic plan offers a robust set of tools for users to get started, while the Fadr Plus plan provides a comprehensive suite of professional-grade features for a monthly or yearly fee, complete with a satisfaction guarantee.

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