Deepfakes Web Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Deepfakes Web Pricing

Deepfakes Web is an online deepfake software that operates in the cloud, allowing users to create deepfake videos with ease. The service offers two main pricing plans: the Basic plan and the Premium plan.

The Basic plan is essentially a free plan, but it requires users to purchase cloud usage rights separately. Cloud usage rights are necessary for the computation time on the cloud servers used to create the faceswap videos. The cost for cloud usage rights is $4 per hour. To create a single faceswap video in the basic mode, which includes 10,000 learning iterations, a user would need to purchase approximately 5 hours of cloud usage rights, amounting to about $20. If a user wishes to use a previously trained model for face-swapping, only 1 hour of cloud usage rights, costing $4, is required for the basic mode.

The Premium plan costs $19 per month and offers additional features such as the advanced creation mode. This mode provides faster and more flexible video creation options and allows for a higher number of learning iterations, ranging from 10,000 to 50,000. The advanced mode also consumes cloud usage rights at a higher rate, using 5 times more than the basic mode. Therefore, creating a video in advanced mode would require additional cloud usage rights, which could cost between $4 to $60 depending on the number of iterations chosen.

Users on the Premium plan can create up to 5 videos simultaneously, with no limit on the video retention period. In contrast, the Basic plan allows for the creation of 1 video at a time, with a video retention period of 180 days. The Premium plan also doubles the limitations for video and image size, allowing up to 100MB and 300-second videos.

It's important to note that the prices mentioned are approximate and may vary based on the actual cloud usage. Users are encouraged to review the content policy and terms of use and to use the technology responsibly.

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