Converse Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Converse Pricing

Converse, the AI-powered personal reading companion, offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to different needs. The Free plan, as the name suggests, costs nothing and allows users to get a taste of what Converse has to offer. This includes 5 AI summaries a day (1 PDF, 2 Web Articles, 2 Youtube Videos), 5 TLDRs a day, 5 Key Takeaways a day, and 25 AI Answers a day.

For those who want more, the Plus plan offers unlimited access to all features, including AI summaries, TLDRs, Key Takeaways, and AI Answers. It also promises a 24-hour support response time. The Plus plan is currently 50% off, making the price $4.99/month, down from the usual $9.99/month.

The Developers plan costs $25 per month and provides API access for commercial purposes. It includes answers from a collection of articles, with billing based on usage. The cost is 0.01 per AI Answer and 0.05 per AI Summary. Like the Plus plan, it also offers a 24-hour support response time.

Lastly, the Business plan offers a Converse tech stack hosted in your infrastructure. This ensures data never exits your infrastructure, and documents and LLM models reside within your infrastructure. It also includes integration with single sign-on and dedicated support. The price for this plan isn't specified and interested parties are encouraged to contact the team for more information.

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