Clipdrop Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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Clipdrop Pricing

Clipdrop, a suite of AI tools developed by Stability AI, offers a range of services to creators for generating and editing images. These tools are accessible via a web application, in dedicated apps, and through an API. The pricing structure of Clipdrop is divided into three main categories: Monthly, Annual, and API usage-based cost.

The Monthly and Annual categories are further divided into two plans: Free and Pro. The Free plan, as the name suggests, allows users to access Clipdrop's services at no cost. This includes features such as Uncrop, Background Removal, Image Upscaler x2, Cleanup, Relight, Sky Replacer, Text Remover, and Reimagine XL. Each of these features is limited to 100 uses per 24 hours. The Free plan also includes the Stable Diffusion XL and Replace Background features, but these come with a watermark. The Free plan is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

The Pro plan, on the other hand, offers a wider range of services with higher usage limits and additional features. With the Pro plan, users can skip the queue for Stable Diffusion XL with a limit of 1500 uses per 24 hours. Other features such as Uncrop, High Resolution Background Removal, High Resolution Image Upscaler x16, Stable Doodle, High Resolution Cleanup, High Resolution Relight, High Resolution Sky Replacer, High Resolution Text Remover, High Resolution Reimagine XL, and High Resolution Replace Background are also available with a limit of 1000 uses per 24 hours. The Pro plan costs €13 per month, or €9 per month if billed annually.

The third category of pricing is the API usage-based cost. This plan allows users to integrate Clipdrop's technology into their own platforms. The API plan works on a credit system and users can choose between a variety of credit packages ranging from 500 credits for €29 all the way through 1,000,000 credits for €9,345.

In conclusion, Clipdrop offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The Free plan is a great starting point for creators looking to explore the tool's capabilities, while the Pro plan offers more extensive features and higher usage limits. The API usage-based cost plan provides flexibility for those looking to integrate Clipdrop's technology into their own platforms.

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