Blockode Review 2024: What It Is, How to Use It & Is It Worth It?

Generate custom AI photoshoots from your selfies.

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Custom trained AI model

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High-quality 4K images

Blockode Description

Blockode AI Photo Studio is a unique tool that uses artificial intelligence to create custom photoshoots. You simply upload some selfies, and the AI gets to work, building a studio based on your photos. While you're sipping your coffee, the AI is busy training a custom model, which can be a bit pricey due to the resources required, but the results are worth it. Once your studio is ready, you can craft the perfect prompt for your photoshoot. The AI will generate 50 photoshoots based on your prompt, and you can even get assistance with crafting your prompts. The final images are high-quality 4K images, and you can even use them commercially. Plus, you can share your creations in the public gallery, and if you're feeling generous, you can sponsor the project.

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Blockode Detailed Review

Let's dive into how Blockode AI Photo Studio harnesses the power of AI to create custom photoshoots. It's a fun and innovative way to explore your creativity and see yourself in a whole new light. The tool's use cases are pretty diverse; you could use it for personal entertainment, to create unique profile pictures, or even for commercial purposes like advertising or social media content.

The process is straightforward. You upload selfies, wait for the AI to do its magic, and then use your imagination to craft the perfect prompt. The AI then generates 50 photoshoots based on your prompt. The results are often impressive, with high-quality 4K images that you can use commercially. Plus, there's a public gallery where you can share your creations.

The tool isn't without its drawbacks, though. For one, it's not free. Training a custom AI model is resource-intensive, and that cost is passed on to the user. The price of $19.9 per studio might be a bit steep for some, especially if you're just using it for fun. Also, while the AI does a decent job, the results can sometimes be a bit hit or miss.

That said, the tool does offer a fair bit of value for the price. For your $19.9, you get a custom trained model, 50 AI photoshoots, 10 AI prompt assists, and the ability to export to 4K image. You also get a commercial license, which is a nice touch if you're planning to use the images for business purposes.

In conclusion, Blockode AI Photo Studio is a unique and innovative tool that offers a fun and creative way to generate custom photoshoots. It's not perfect, and the cost might be prohibitive for some, but if you're willing to pay, it's definitely worth checking out.