Baked Review 2024: What It Is, How to Use It & Is It Worth It?

Turn your idea into art with AI.

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Generate unique AI art for various products

Choose from a selection of mugs, phone cases, t-shirts, and more

Earn a $1 coupon code through the referral program

Baked Description

Baked is an AI-powered tool that turns your ideas into unique art and prints them on various products. With Baked, you can select a product like mugs, phone cases, or t-shirts, write out your idea, and generate AI art that is applied to your selection. The AI image generation software, Stable Diffusion, creates one-of-a-kind images for everyone. Once you've checked out, Baked will ship your creation directly to your address. The tool offers a referral program where you can share your unique referral link to earn a coupon code for $1 to use in the store.

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Baked Detailed Review

Baked is a unique tool that brings a creative twist to the world of AI. It's not just about data analysis or automation, it's about turning your ideas into tangible, personalized items. Whether you're a fan of vintage bakery scenes or frogs playing jazz music, Baked can turn your vision into a piece of art. Just type in your idea, and the Stable Diffusion AI will generate an image for you. You can then have this image printed on a variety of items, from mugs to phone cases to t-shirts. The possibilities are endless, making it a fun and creative tool for personal use or for gifts.

The referral program is a nice touch, too. If you refer someone and they make a purchase, you get a coupon code that lets you buy anything in the store for just $1. However, there's a catch: the person you referred can't be using a $1 coupon code themselves. This could limit the effectiveness of the referral program, especially if you're hoping to refer multiple people.

One downside is that Baked currently only ships to locations within the US. This could be a deal-breaker for potential customers outside the US. Additionally, the lack of a return or refund policy could be a deterrent for some. If there's a printing error, you can reach out to support, but there's no guarantee of a refund or replacement.

The upscaling of images after purchase is a smart move to reduce image generation times and ensure high-quality prints. However, this could potentially lead to discrepancies between the image you see online and the final printed product. It's something to be aware of when making a purchase.

Baked pricing varies, depending on what product you want your design printed on. As just one example, you could get your custom design printed on a coffee mug for $19.99. It would be helpful to have more transparency around pricing to allow potential customers to make an informed decision. Overall, Baked is an innovative tool that brings a fresh perspective to AI, but it does have some limitations that could impact its usability and appeal.