Audioread Review 2024: What It Is, How to Use It & Is It Worth It?

Convert web articles into audio for easy listening.

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Browser extension for easy conversion

Supports 77 languages

Ultra-realistic text-to-speech engine

Audioread Description

Audioread is a tool that converts text from web articles into audio, allowing users to listen to content rather than read it. It's compatible with various browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Brave, and other Chromium-based ones, through a browser extension. The extension enables users to save articles for later listening, highlight text for conversion, and even upload PDFs. For Safari users, there's a shortcut that can convert web articles into audio while browsing. Android users can install the Progressive Web App (PWA) to convert text to audio in their browser. The tool uses an ultra-realistic text-to-speech engine to read out loud any text. It's designed for long-form listening and is trained to sound like real audiobook narrators. The AI voices can turn any text into audio in a natural and professional narration style. It supports 77 languages and allows up to 100,000 words per conversion and 500,000 words per day. The service costs $9.99 per month.

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Audioread Detailed Review

Audioread is a game-changer for those of us who are always on the go. Whether you're commuting, working out, or just doing chores around the house, this tool lets you consume written content in a hands-free, eyes-free manner. It's like having your own personal narrator for any text you come across online. And the best part? It's not some robotic, monotone voice. The AI technology behind Audioread is designed to mimic real audiobook narrators, making the listening experience enjoyable and natural.

The tool is versatile, with compatibility across various platforms. Whether you're a Chrome user or a Safari devotee, Audioread has got you covered.

Audioread supporting an impressive 77 languages is a huge plus for multilingual users or those learning a new language. The tool allows for up to 100,000 words per conversion and a whopping 500,000 words per day. That's a lot of listening! However, it's worth noting that the service comes at a cost of $9.99 per month. While this might seem steep to some, consider the convenience and functionality you're getting. Plus, there's a free trial available, so you can test it out before committing.

On the downside, the tool might not be ideal for those who prefer reading to listening. Also, while the AI voices are designed to sound natural and professional, they might not be to everyone's taste. Some users might prefer a human voice, especially for more nuanced or emotional content. Lastly, the tool's focus on long-form listening might not suit those who prefer shorter, bite-sized content.

In conclusion, Audioread is a powerful tool for converting text to audio. Its wide compatibility, impressive language support, and high-quality AI voices make it a standout in the field. While it does have its limitations and comes with a price tag, the convenience and functionality it offers could make it a worthwhile investment for many users.