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Altero AI is an AI-powered platform that offers users the ability to find, research, and evaluate private companies. With a focus on providing detailed business research, Altero AI aims to assist users in making informed decisions about potential investments or partnerships.

Altero AI offers three pricing plans: Free, Starter, and Enterprise. Each plan comes with its own set of features and benefits, catering to different user needs and requirements.

Free Plan

The Free plan is available at no cost and provides users with access to a growing library of research. With this plan, users can make up to 50 research requests per month and view up to 5 results per search. Basic search and filtering capabilities are included, allowing users to narrow down their research based on specific criteria.

Additionally, the Free plan offers 3 months of historical data, such as search volume, enabling users to analyze trends and patterns over time. Basic competitor and similar company analysis is also available, allowing users to gain insights into the competitive landscape. Furthermore, users can view the top 5 companies in each industry, providing a snapshot of the market leaders.

Starter Plan

For users requiring more extensive research capabilities, Altero AI offers the Starter plan at a cost of $149 per user per month. This plan includes all the features of the Free plan, with the addition of several enhanced functionalities.

With the Starter plan, users have unlimited research requests, allowing them to delve deeper into their analysis. The plan also provides 48 months of historical data, offering a more comprehensive view of a company's performance over time. Users can see up to 100 results per search and perform 1,000 searches per month, enabling them to explore a wider range of companies and data points.

Moreover, the Starter plan grants users full access to competitor and similar company analysis, empowering them to conduct thorough evaluations. Additionally, users gain full access to industry lists, providing a comprehensive overview of companies within specific sectors.

Enterprise Plan

For organizations with more advanced needs, Altero AI offers the Enterprise plan. This plan builds upon the features of the Starter plan and provides additional functionalities tailored to meet enterprise requirements. The Enterprise plan is priced at $349 per user per month.

In addition to the features available in the Starter plan, the Enterprise plan includes company enrichment and scoring. This feature enhances the research capabilities by providing additional insights and analysis. The Enterprise plan gets you unlimited searches and lets you see up to 5,000 results per search. Priority email and chat support are also included, ensuring that enterprise users receive prompt assistance when needed.

Furthermore, the Enterprise plan offers bulk export functionality, allowing users to extract large amounts of data for further analysis or integration with other systems. This feature is particularly useful for organizations that require extensive data processing or integration with their existing workflows.


Altero AI offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different user needs and budgets. The Free plan provides a solid foundation for users to access research and gain insights into private companies. The Starter plan enhances the research capabilities, offering unlimited requests, extended historical data, and comprehensive competitor analysis. For organizations with more advanced requirements, the Enterprise plan provides additional features such as company enrichment, priority support, and bulk export functionality.

It is important for users to carefully evaluate their specific needs and consider the available features and pricing options before selecting a plan. Altero AI's pricing structure aims to provide flexibility and scalability, ensuring that users can access the level of research and analysis that aligns with their requirements.

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