AIApply Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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AIApply Pricing

AIApply is a comprehensive AI-powered platform designed to assist job seekers in various aspects of their job search process. From crafting personalized cover letters and resumes to simulating job interviews and providing AI-generated headshots, AIApply offers a range of tools aimed at enhancing a candidate's job application efforts. The platform offers a glimpse of its capabilities through free trial versions of most tools, allowing users to evaluate the services before committing to a subscription.

Pricing Plans

AIApply offers two main subscription plans, each catering to different needs and levels of job search assistance. Below is a detailed breakdown of the pricing and features included in each plan:

"I could use a job" Plan

  • Monthly Billing: $19.93 per month
  • Yearly Billing: $6.93 per month (billed annually with a 70% discount)
  • Features:
    • Application Kit: A set of tools to help users apply for jobs effectively.
    • AI Job Interview: An AI-powered simulator to practice and improve interview skills.
    • AI Resume Builder: A tool to create a professional resume tailored to the job market.
    • AI Cover Letters: Assistance in generating personalized cover letters for job applications.

This plan is marketed as a starting point for those beginning their job search, providing the essential tools needed to apply for jobs.

"I need a new job" Plan

  • Monthly Billing: $49.93 per month
  • Yearly Billing: $16.93 per month (billed annually with a 70% discount)
  • Features:
    • Everything in the "I could use a job" Plan:
      • Application Kit
      • AI Job Interview
      • AI Resume Builder
      • AI Cover Letters
    • AI Headshots: Professional AI-generated headshots for use in applications.
    • HR Manager Search (Contact Details): A service to find and contact HR managers.
    • iOS Real-time Interview Help App (soon): An upcoming app to provide interview assistance in real-time.
    • AI Resume Translator: A tool to translate resumes for international job applications.
    • Premium Support: Enhanced customer support for subscribers.

This plan is intended for job seekers who are looking to aggressively improve their chances of landing a job, offering advanced tools and services.

Free Trial

AIApply provides free trial versions for most of its tools, allowing users to test the platform's capabilities before deciding on a subscription. The free trial is an opportunity to experience how AIApply can potentially make the job search process more efficient and tailored to individual needs.


AIApply's subscription plans are designed to accommodate different levels of job search assistance, from basic support to comprehensive help. The platform's use of AI technology aims to streamline the job application process, making it more manageable and effective for job seekers. With the option of a free trial, users have the flexibility to explore the services before making a financial commitment.

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