AI2sql Pricing, Plans and Cost Breakdown for 2024

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AI2sql Pricing

Are you tired of spending hours crafting SQL queries, only to be plagued by syntax errors and endless debugging? Look no further than AI2sql, a powerful tool that allows anyone, from seasoned engineers to complete beginners, to effortlessly create efficient and accurate SQL queries. AI2sql offers two pricing plans: Start and Pro. Let's take a closer look at what each plan has to offer.

Start Plan

The Start plan is priced at $7 per month, or you can opt for the yearly billing option at $70 (which gives you 2 months free). This plan also comes with a 7-day free trial, allowing you to test the waters before committing.

Here's what you get with the Start plan:

  • SQL Support: AI2sql supports SQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, ensuring compatibility with popular database systems.
  • Query Generation: Generate up to 100 SQL queries per month, providing ample room for your data exploration and analysis needs.
  • Table Limit: Add up to 10 tables to your queries, allowing you to work with multiple datasets seamlessly.
  • Query History Tracking: Keep track of your past queries, making it easy to revisit and modify them as needed.
  • Formula Translator: AI2sql includes a Formula Translator feature, enabling data cleaning and preparation tasks to be performed effortlessly.
  • SQL Fixer: Say goodbye to syntax errors with the SQL Fixer, which automatically corrects common mistakes in your queries.
  • SQL Utilities: Optimize, format, and explain your SQL queries with ease using the built-in SQL Utilities.
  • ChatGPT Plugin: Enhance your workflow with the ChatGPT Plugin, which provides a conversational interface for interacting with AI2sql.
  • Chat Support: Need assistance? AI2sql offers chat support to help you with any questions or issues you may encounter.

Pro Plan

For those with more advanced needs, the Pro plan offers additional features and capabilities. Priced at $17 per month (or $170 billed yearly, with 2 months free), this plan also includes a 7-day free trial.

Here's what you get with the Pro plan:

  • Extended SQL Support: In addition to SQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, AI2sql also supports Oracle PL/SQL, NoSQL (Pandas, MongoDB, BigQuery), MariaDB, Redshift, and SnowSQL. This broadens the range of databases you can work with.
  • Increased Query Generation: Generate up to 300 SQL queries per month, providing even more flexibility for your data analysis tasks.
  • Connectors: Seamlessly connect to various databases and data sources, making it easier to access and analyze your data.
  • Expanded Table Limit: Add up to 50 tables to your queries, allowing for more complex and comprehensive analyses.
  • Teams: Collaborate with up to 5 team members, enabling efficient teamwork and knowledge sharing.
  • All Start Plan Features: Enjoy all the features included in the Start plan, such as query history tracking, formula translator, SQL fixer, SQL utilities, ChatGPT Plugin, and chat support.


AI2sql offers two pricing plans, Start and Pro, catering to different needs and budgets. The Start plan provides a solid foundation for SQL query creation, with support for popular databases, generous query limits, and essential features like query history tracking and formula translation. On the other hand, the Pro plan expands the capabilities of AI2sql, offering extended database support, increased query generation limits, connectors for seamless data access, and team collaboration features.

Whether you're just starting out or require advanced functionality, AI2sql has a pricing plan that suits your needs. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, AI2sql empowers users to craft efficient SQL queries without the hassle of syntax errors and long coding hours.

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