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AI Time Machine Pricing

AI Time Machine is a feature offered by MyHeritage that utilizes artificial intelligence to create imaginary AI avatars of individuals, depicting how they may have looked in different periods throughout history. By uploading real photos of a person, users can transform them into realistic AI avatars representing various themes from different eras and cultures.

To access AI Time Machine, users are required to create an account on MyHeritage, which is a quick and easy process. During the introductory launch period, MyHeritage occasionally offers free promotions for AI Time Machine, allowing users to create one model and generate images for 20 themes (160 images) at no cost. However, outside of these promotional periods, AI Time Machine is a paid feature.

There are three pricing packages available for AI Time Machine: the Time Travel Package, the Avatar Package, and the All-Inclusive Package. Each package offers different quantities of images and comes with its own pricing structure.

  1. Time Travel Package: This package is priced at $12 and includes over 480 images. Users who opt for this package will have access to a wide range of AI avatars depicting various themes from different historical periods.
  2. Avatar Package: The Avatar Package is available for just $10 and provides users with over 320 images. With this package, users can explore AI avatars representing different themes and eras.
  3. All-Inclusive Package: For $18, users can enjoy the All-Inclusive Package, which offers over 800 images. This package provides access to all themes available in AI Time Machine, allowing users to explore a comprehensive range of AI avatars across different historical periods and cultures.

It's important to note that non-subscribers will notice a watermark of the MyHeritage logo on the bottom right of the generated images. However, users with a Complete subscription can produce logo-free images. The Complete subscription is a separate plan offered by MyHeritage and comes with additional benefits.

Users who have an active free trial for the MyHeritage Complete plan can enjoy a significant discount of 50% on all AI Time Machine packages. This discount allows users to access the AI Time Machine features at a reduced cost during their trial period.

Furthermore, users with a Complete subscription are entitled to create models for up to 3 people each year. Additionally, they receive all themes included in the All-Inclusive Package for each model, at no additional cost. The Complete subscription is priced at $119 for the first year and $189 per year thereafter.

In summary, AI Time Machine offers users the opportunity to explore AI avatars representing different historical periods and cultures. While there are free promotions available during the introductory launch period, AI Time Machine is primarily a paid feature. Users can choose from three pricing packages, each offering a different quantity of images. Non-subscribers will have a watermark on their images, while Complete subscribers can produce logo-free images. Users with a Complete subscription also enjoy discounts and additional benefits.

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