Google's AI Ethics Overhaul and Microsoft's European AI Expansion


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Microsoft Strengthens AI Presence in Europe with Mistral AI Partnership

Welcome back to AI Hungry, where the latest developments in artificial intelligence are always on the menu. This update dives into Google's commitment to change following a bias controversy with its AI chatbot, Gemini, and the proactive steps being taken by CEO Sundar Pichai to restore trust. Additionally, we'll explore Microsoft's strategic move to strengthen its AI presence in Europe through a partnership with French startup Mistral AI, aiming to accelerate innovation and market expansion.

The landscape of AI is ever-evolving, and these stories highlight the industry's responsiveness to ethical concerns and its pursuit of global collaboration. Read on to discover how these tech giants are navigating the complexities of AI development and the implications for the future of AI across the world.


Google CEO Commits to Changes After AI Chatbot Sparks Bias Controversy

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai has pledged to make structural changes following a backlash over insensitive and biased responses from the company's AI chatbot, Gemini. The chatbot faced criticism for generating inappropriate images when prompted with historical figures, leading to its partial suspension. Pichai acknowledged the issue, stating that the AI's behavior was unacceptable and that efforts are underway to improve the tool's safeguards and ensure unbiased, accurate responses.

In response to the controversy, Google is planning to update guidelines, increase oversight for new products, and implement technical adjustments to enhance impartiality and historical accuracy. Despite the setback, Pichai remains optimistic about Google's AI advancements and is focused on regaining user trust by developing products that are helpful and reliable.

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Microsoft Strengthens AI Presence in Europe with Mistral AI Partnership

Microsoft has announced a strategic partnership with French AI startup Mistral AI to enhance AI capabilities and expand its influence in the European market. This collaboration will provide Mistral AI with access to Microsoft Azure's AI infrastructure, which will help accelerate the development of their Large Language Models (LLMs) and enable them to tap into new business opportunities. Mistral AI, a company founded in April 2023, has already made significant strides in the European AI sector with the release of open-source models like Mistral 7B and Mixtral.

In a recent update, Mistral CEO Arthur Mensch highlighted the company's ongoing work on open models and the need for patience due to current limitations in computing power. Despite a partnership that includes Microsoft investing in Mistral AI, Mensch assures that the company remains independent with global ambitions. The collaboration with Microsoft is expected to bolster Mistral's growth and help bridge the gap between AI research and practical applications, while also supporting their global market expansion and research initiatives.


⚖️ Chinese Court Rules AI-Generated Images Infringe Copyright. A Chinese court ruled that AI-generated images infringed the copyright of the Japanese superhero Ultraman, awarding damages to the partial copyright holder. This first-of-its-kind decision may impact future copyright debates regarding AI. (Link)

🍫 AI-Generated Imagery Leads to Disappointment at Willy Wonka Event. A Willy Wonka pop-up event in Glasgow, misrepresented by AI-generated images, has sparked outrage and calls for stricter regulation of AI in advertising, amid concerns over misinformation and accountability. (Link)

📸 Photoroom Secures $43 Million to Revolutionize AI-Powered Photo Editing for Businesses. Photoroom, an AI photo editing app, has raised $43 million in Series B funding to develop new features and technology. The company, which processes 5 billion images annually, will use the funds to enhance its AI models and expand its team. (Link)

🍎 Apple Shifts Focus from Electric Vehicles to Generative AI. Apple is reportedly ending its electric vehicle project to concentrate on generative AI. This strategic pivot will involve reassigning staff and potential layoffs, underscoring the growing significance of AI technology in the industry. (Link)

📈 FinTral: A Groundbreaking Financial Language Model Outperforms GPT-4. Researchers from the University of British Columbia & Invertible AI have developed FinTral, a Large Language Model tailored for financial analysis. It processes textual, numerical, and visual data, outperforming GPT-4 in several tasks. (Link)

🚨 UK Home Secretary Warns of Deepfake Threat to Democracy. UK Home Secretary James Cleverly cautions that AI-generated deepfakes could hijack the democratic process by misleading voters. He plans to discuss safeguards with tech giants to protect elections from disinformation. (Link)

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