Adobe Premiere Pro's AI Revolution


Jim Miller

Adobe Unveils Groundbreaking AI Features for Premiere Pro Video Editing

Welcome back to AI Hungry, where the latest strides in artificial intelligence are always on the menu. In this update, we dive into Boston Dynamics' leap into the future with their electric Atlas robot, a collaboration with Hyundai that's set to redefine industrial robotics. Furthermore, we'll explore Adobe's ambitious integration of generative AI into Premiere Pro, promising to transform video editing into a more intuitive and creative process.

These developments are not just incremental; they represent significant leaps in AI application. The Atlas robot's advanced capabilities and Adobe's AI-driven video editing tools are poised to push the boundaries of what we expect from technology. Read on to discover how these innovations could reshape industries and redefine efficiency and creativity in the digital age.


Boston Dynamics Launches Advanced Electric Atlas Robot with Hyundai

Boston Dynamics has introduced a new electric version of its Atlas humanoid robot, which boasts enhanced strength and a wider range of motion. The company, in collaboration with Hyundai, aims to deploy Atlas in various real-world scenarios to address industrial challenges over the coming years.

Atlas will incorporate advanced AI technologies, including reinforcement learning and computer vision, to excel in complex environments. The objective is to surpass human abilities in task efficiency, positioning Boston Dynamics at the forefront of humanoid robotics innovation.

Main course

Adobe Unveils Groundbreaking AI Features for Premiere Pro Video Editing

Adobe is set to revolutionize video editing with the introduction of new generative AI features in Adobe Premiere Pro. These features, which are expected to launch later this year, are built on Adobe's Firefly AI model and may also include integrations with third-party AI models. The upcoming capabilities aim to streamline the video creation process by allowing editors to extend clips seamlessly, add or remove objects effortlessly, and even generate new footage by simply typing text or uploading reference images.

To ensure transparency and authenticity in content creation, Adobe is implementing Content Credentials. This system embeds metadata into assets to provide information about the creator, creation date, editing steps, and AI usage. Additionally, Adobe has announced the general availability of AI-powered audio workflows in Premiere Pro, set to be released in May, which will enhance audio editing with features like interactive fade handles and AI-based audio category tagging.


🌏 OpenAI Expands to Tokyo with Custom GPT-4 for Japan. OpenAI is expanding its global presence by opening a new office in Tokyo, Japan, and releasing a Japanese-tuned version of GPT-4. This move aims to foster close collaboration with local businesses and address Japan's unique cultural and linguistic needs. (Link)

🎨 Stable Diffusion 3 Unveiled with API Access and Plans for Self-Hosting. Stable Diffusion 3, a new image model by Stability AI, is now available via API and will soon allow self-hosting. It boasts better prompt following and typography, and measures have been taken to prevent misuse. (Link)

🎵 Amazon Music Introduces Maestro, an AI-Driven Playlist Generator. Amazon Music has released Maestro, an AI-powered playlist generator in beta for select US customers. It crafts unique playlists based on user prompts, with systems to filter out offensive content. The service will evolve with user feedback. (Link)

🧠 AI Pioneer Andrew Ng Joins Amazon's Board of Directors. Andrew Ng, co-founder of Google Brain and AI expert, has been appointed to Amazon's board of directors. His expertise is expected to advance Amazon's AI initiatives and offer strategic insights into the technology's potential. (Link)

💡 Microsoft Invests $1.5 Billion in UAE's AI Firm G42 to Drive Global AI Expansion. Microsoft has invested $1.5 billion in UAE-based AI company G42 to advance AI technology and expand globally. The partnership, which includes a strategic pivot away from Chinese ties, will leverage Microsoft's Azure platform and establish a $1 billion fund for AI development. (Link)

🔮 Reka Introduces Core: A Groundbreaking Multimodal Language Model. Reka has launched Core, a cutting-edge multimodal language model excelling in text, image, video, and audio analysis. Core surpasses major competitors in benchmarks, offering advanced reasoning and a 128K context window for complex tasks. (Link)

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