Baidu to Deliver Generative AI Solution to Lenovo's Smartphones


Jim Miller

Baidu has entered into a collaboration with Lenovo to integrate its AI technology into Lenovo smartphones.

This marks the third such partnership the Chinese company has done in the smartphone industry. This move aligns with the company's long term strategy of finding practical uses for its AI, following similar agreements with Samsung and Honor.

Lenovo's devices, including the Motorola brand, will incorporate Baidu's Ernie AI, enhancing features like chatbots and real-time translation.

This trend reflects a broader industry shift towards AI-powered smartphones, with companies like Google and Apple also advancing in this area.

The Chinese market, restricted from using US-based AI services, presents a significant opportunity for local firms like Baidu, with over 200 AI models now available from various Chinese companies.

For more details, you can read the full article that was first reported on by Reuters.

About Ernie

ERNIE, developed by Baidu, is an advanced AI model designed for natural language processing tasks.

It excels in understanding and generating human-like text, enabling applications such as chatbots, translation, and content creation.

ERNIE stands out by its ability to grasp nuanced language contexts and complexities, making it a powerful tool for enhancing user experiences in various digital services and devices, including smartphones like those from Lenovo.